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Danny Liska, in his first book, rode his motorcycle - a BMW R60 - from Alaska to Argentina. He was the first person to complete an overland route, riding over 95,000 miles between the Arctic Circle and the tip of South America. For this feat, he's included in the Guinness Book of Motorcycle Facts and Feats as a champion rider along the Pan American Highway. These books have become extremely hard-to-find classics! Two Wheels to Adventure is 755 pages of pure adventure like few have ever known! Nearly every page has a photo or illustration!

These books are some of the best travel books ever written -- and one is the best motorcycle travel book ever. Two Wheels to Adventure features more than 600 photographs and illustrations as well as the same extraordinary high quality printing on all of its pages to exactly match the first Edition released in 1989.

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Two Wheels to Adventure

Motorcycle Classic Book from Danny Liska who was cited in the Guinness Book of Motorcycling for...


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River Rat Town

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