River Rat Town

Ponca Curse II

River Rat Town is the sequel to The Ponca Curse. In this book Danny Liska reenters the valleys affected by the Ponca Curse; and peeling back layers of long forgotten history, deals with local horse thieves, wagon trains vigilantes and the unusual sociologic background of Niobrara, the thrice-built town that had yearned to become a metropolis greater than Omaha - but ended up instead by becoming just another one of those little river rat towns along the Missouri. The last of the River Rats, Frank Sherman and his brother, Bob used to live in a portable 10' by 10' tarpaper-covered shack along the Missouri River. Liska had known the two since childhood, and then one day went out to do a story on them, which appeared in the Sunday World Herald Magazine of the Midlands, November 3, 1968. Copies of the story circulated far and wide, and newspapers everywhere sent out reporters to interview the hitherto unknown River Rats. Even the Washington Post did a story on them. Big city executives went out to visit with Frank and Bob to learn their philosophy and see what advice they had to offer. To those who would like to become more familiar with this unfamiliar territory, we offer this book, River Rat Town - a trip back through the tunnel of time, a peek at the Knox County that was, and the Niobrara country of yesteryear.

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